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Special Needs Dentistry in San Antonio

Our experienced, compassionate dental team loves working with kids of all ages and backgrounds, including kids who require special care and attention. Our goal is always to help every child that visits us achieve and maintain a happy and healthy smile, and we don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure that your child has a great time in our office. To learn more about our special needs accommodations or schedule your child’s next appointment with us, please contact our friendly front office team.

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little boy having his teeth examined

Are pediatric dentists trained to work with special needs patients?

Pediatric dentists receive additional dental training after earning their doctorates to learn how to work with children specifically. It’s during this training that many pediatric dentists will learn how to work with special needs patients as well, which is why some patients with special needs will actually visit pediatric dentists even as adults. Before your child’s first appointment with us, we’ll be happy to go over the specific accommodations that they will need to have enjoyable and productive dental experiences with our office.

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How can I help my child have a positive experience at the dentist?

Our team always explains our services in a positive and helpful way, and we always recommend that parents do their best to avoid saying anything negative about dental care or what their child can expect. If your child has a blanket or toy that brings them a lot of comfort, they are welcome to bring it with them and hold it while sitting in the dental chair. Our treatment rooms also have TVs and movie glasses, and kids can also listen to music or an audiobook through headphones to keep their mind off of what’s going around them.

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What if my child has a hard time sitting still?

It’s very common for kids to have trouble sitting still in the dental chair, but if you are concerned that your child cannot or will not sit still during their treatment, our office has a few different options for dental sedation that can help. Before we add sedation to your child’s treatment plan, we will always assess their current health status as well as their medical and dental history to determine which treatment will be the safest and most effective. If you have any questions or concerns for our team, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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