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Metal Braces in San Antonio, TX

Orthodontic consultations can be scheduled for patients as young as seven years old, and our office is proud to offer orthodontic treatment for pediatric and adult patients (that means you, parents!) as well. If you or someone in your household is interested in using metal braces to straighten their smile, please contact our office, and we’d be happy to offer more information and schedule a consultation.

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Who should get metal braces?

Metal braces can be utilized by patients of all ages who are eligible for orthodontic treatment. Conventional braces may be a better idea for younger children or patients who tend to misplace things or are not quite responsible enough yet to keep track of removable clear aligners. Metal braces are adhered to the front of the teeth with a special glue, so they cannot be removed by the patient and there is no danger of them being lost. While clear aligner therapy has become incredibly advanced, there are still some orthodontic issues that need to be treated with conventional braces.

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What should patients with metal braces avoid?

Since metal braces cannot be removed by the patient, there are a few food and activity restrictions that patients with braces should keep in mind. Very sticky foods like caramel and taffy should be avoided, as should chewing gum, as these things can easily get stuck in braces. Biting into crunchy foods like apples and carrots should also be avoided, but these foods can be cut into small pieces and chewed with the back teeth. Disregarding food restrictions can lead to brackets breaking and additional orthodontic visits becoming necessary.

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Do you have to wear a retainer after having braces?

Once a patient’s orthodontic treatment is complete, a custom retainer will be made to keep their teeth perfectly in place. Without a retainer, the teeth will begin to shift back to their original positions, and once they shift past a certain point, the patient will have to wear braces again if they want a straight smile. Permanent retainers are placed behind the teeth, while removable retainers look very similar to clear aligners and are only worn at night. We always recommend patients wear their retainers so that their new, beautiful smiles will stay perfectly in place!

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