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Preventive Cleanings & Dental Exams for Kids in San Antonio

Routine cleanings and exams are among the most common dental appointments that patients make due to how beneficial they are for keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy. Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry works with kids of all ages to help them maintain positive oral health throughout their adolescence. To schedule an affordable teeth cleaning and dental exam for your child, please give our office a call or send us a message using our virtual contact form and we will be happy to assist!

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How long do children’s teeth cleanings take?

Pediatric dental check-ups take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour on average. Some children are very nervous at their appointments, so we always try to go at a pace that each child is comfortable with. We explain our treatments and dental tools in a child-friendly way to help them understand what they can expect and to help them understand the importance of dentistry. If we diagnose any issues, that may make the appointment longer, as we will want to discuss their treatment options with you.

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How often should my child visit the dentist?

Even if your child is very diligent at maintaining positive oral health, they should see the dentist twice per year for a pediatric dental cleaning and exam. Dental exams allow our team to check for any issues that may have arisen since their last appointment, and teeth cleanings help remove built-up plaque that has collected around the gum line and other areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush, which helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Are pediatric teeth cleanings covered by insurance?

If your child has dental insurance, biannual teeth cleanings and pediatric dental check-ups are covered. In some cases, insurance will cover fluoride treatments and dental sealants as well. If you’re looking to schedule an affordable kids’ dental exam and don’t have insurance, we also accept FSA and HSAs and Medicare. To learn more about our financing options, please contact our office or visit our financial page.

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