Creating Good Dental Habits for Kids

January 30, 2020 5:15 pm

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You can help your children start to learn good dental hygiene habits even before they have teeth by wiping their gums with a damp cloth after feedings, brushing and flossing their smile as their teeth grow in, providing them with a healthy diet, and bringing them every six months to our office. These habits will help your children understand how to keep their forever teeth nice and healthy.

However, independence in their dental routine will vary according to each child’s maturity, physical dexterity, and sense of accountability. But now matter how long they require your assistance in their oral healthcare, your involvement and example early on are crucial to their success. Read on for an overview of healthy dental habits you should help your kids establish!

Daily Brushing & Flossing

The importance of twice a day brushing cannot be emphasized enough. Thorough brushing should take two minutes each time, morning and night. And when your child has at least two teeth, it’s time to add flossing to their daily routine.

If your child resists teeth brushing, do what you can to make it more enjoyable. Let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste. Make sure they have a soft bathroom rug to stand on. Buy them a cute timer or play their favorite song for two minutes. There’s a fun video on YouTube called Jordan Animals Toothbrush Song that your younger children might enjoy. Different cartoon animals brush their teeth while the rhyme teaches brushing techniques.

Supervise & Adjust As Your Child Grows

Even when children are physically able to clean their teeth alone, you’ll still need to do “quality control”. Children who are generally honest have been known to lie about their oral care. Some might even wet their toothbrush to “prove” the teeth were brushed when in fact they were not.

Additionally, your child may be more motivated by different forms of encouragement as they age. While young kids love sticker charts as a reward, preteens may be more inclined to brush their teeth after a discussion about the social advantages of clean teeth and fresh breath, and an investment in an electric toothbrush might make oral care more convenient and enjoyable for your teenager.

Healthy Diet

Help your children understand the link between a healthy diet and healthy teeth. This is especially important when they go to school and make unsupervised choices at lunchtime. Provide healthy snacks at home and teach them to limit their consumption of sugary treats and drinks, especially sour sticky candy. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day and after meals. Your good example will really help here too, as kids often imitate the dietary choices of their parents.

Visit Our Dental Office in San Antonio, TX

Twice a year visits to Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics allow our dentists and professional team to support you in your efforts to teach the importance of good oral health habits. We can demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and explain the role healthy baby teeth play in the growth of healthy permanent teeth.

In addition, we can help keep all of their teeth healthy with our wide range of pediatric dental services. Call our San Antonio dental office today to schedule your child’s next visit.

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