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Average Age for Braces

March 27, 2022 4:08 am

It’s becoming more and more common these days for children to get braces. While you can certainly get braces at any age, it can make a big difference to sort out any alignment issues sooner rather than later. In some cases, the earlier you fix the issue, the more years you’ll have to enjoy the results. Plus, orthodontic treatment for younger patients can often be faster and more effective. The big question is: When should you start considering braces for your child? Let’s dive into the answer!

Initial Orthodontic Evaluation

The American Academy of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist by the time they’re seven years old. That may seem young but this is right around the time that permanent teeth are starting to come in. That means the orthodontist will be able to spot and address any potential issues from the get-go with their bite and teeth alignment. If there aren’t any specific problems at that time, you child will not need early treatment. However, this does not mean they won’t need treatment later.

When Should My Child Get Braces?

Just because you bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation at seven years old doesn’t mean they’re going to start wearing braces right then and there. They might not need braces for a few years! The exact age when your child will get braces depends on a variety of factors, such as their specific tooth alignment concerns and the state of their oral health.

Earlier Intervention

If your child is younger than seven but you’re concerned about the spacing or alignment of their teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to their dentist anyways. It never hurts to check in, and there may be treatments besides braces that could benefit your child’s smile, like palatal expanders and space maintainers.

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